Bhetki Bhapa (Steamed)

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It's never too "Maach" for Bengali food lovers. Steam fish with coconut and mustard paste is a mouthwatering dish which is perfect to serve at any occasion.

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Steam fish with coconut and mustard paste | ভাপা ভেটকি

As the name suggests, Bhapa Bhetki is one of the most popular, authentic and  a delicious signature dish from the eastern belt of our country and is a culinary gastronomy delight.More commonly called as ‘ mustard fish’ in general terminology when associating with Bengali cuisine, ideally, the version with Ilish (Hilsa) fish is the signature dish, for its taste and texture. Ilish apparently signifies a taste that’s unique and distinct and pairs best with mustard ,so goes the saying. Although mustard based fish gravy attained its peak in popularity and fame in the state of West Bengal and is mostly associated with the Bengali dictionary of Fine cooking, in reality ,mustard fish is a famous dish across the belt not just West Bengal.  For me, growing up in Guwahati, Assam, this was one of our childhood’s favorite dishes that would go best with steamed rice, part of Assamese cuisine too.

Nevertheless, in the Eastern belt , especially Assam , West Bengal and Orissa, the river water fishes call for some great recipes and each variety of fish has its unique taste and flavor. The Rohu of course is the most popular, also because of its economic viability and is considered affordable amongst the masses while the bhetki and the Ilish are the premium ones and are considered royalty . And with royalty comes a certain taste as well.

The cuisine of Bengal consists of dishes from both East and West Bengal i.e. undivided Bengal era as well as the dishes which originated in the city of Kolkata during the British rule. There is an emphasis on vegetarian cuisine, specially during festivals and is most commonly prepared without onion and garlic. A Mughlai influence on the cuisine is due to the their rule over certain parts of Bengal and the last Mughal emperor Wajid Ali Shah has said to have contributed a lot to the Bengali cuisine.

There is a bit of history involved with the origin of this unique blend of cuisines; The Indian form of “Hakka Cuisine” originates from the fact that the a lot of Chinese restaurants in India are owned by the people of the Hakka origin. Both the Indian and the Chinese cultures combined, accepted and fused happily in terms of food giving birth to an entirely new kind called the Indo-Chinese or the Indian Chinese; with the taste and flavors very different from both Indian and Chinese cuisine, it is a genre by itself. It is bold, varied, spicy – overall an experience by itself. The Indian Chinese flavors are also enjoyed by Indian and Chinese communities in Malaysia, and Singapore.

About the vendor

Monilum Foodies, expert in North Indian, Bengali & Oriya dishes serving in Hyderabad since last three years. They are greatest choice for Bengali food lovers in Hyderabad. The Bengalis in Hyderabad swear by their quality and consistency when it comes to food. Their prime goal towards customer is to offer Value for Money every time.

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