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Baidyanath Kasundi (Mustard Sauce)

Baidyanath Kasundi (Mustard Sauce)

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Baidyanath Kasundi Mustard Sauce

Kasundi is a traditional Indian condiment that is loved for its bold, tangy flavor and versatility in the kitchen. Made from a combination of mustard seeds, vinegar, and spices, kasundi is a popular accompaniment to a wide range of dishes, from grilled meats to sandwiches and wraps.

History of Kasundi

Kasundi has a long and rich history in Indian cuisine, dating back centuries to the Bengali region of India. It was traditionally made in small batches by home cooks and served alongside a wide range of dishes, from fish to vegetables.

Over time, kasundi's popularity grew, and it became a staple in many Indian households. Today, it is a beloved condiment that is enjoyed by people all around the world.

Nutritional Value of Kasundi

Kasundi is not only delicious but also packed with nutrition, making it a great addition to any meal. Here are some of the nutritional benefits of kasundi:

  1. Rich in antioxidants: Mustard seeds, one of the key ingredients in kasundi, are a great source of antioxidants. These compounds can help protect the body against free radicals and oxidative stress.

  2. May help boost metabolism: Mustard seeds are also known to have thermogenic properties, which means they may help boost metabolism and aid in weight loss.

  3. May help improve digestion: The vinegar in kasundi can help improve digestion by increasing stomach acidity and promoting the breakdown of food.

Using Kasundi in Your Cooking

Kasundi is a versatile condiment that can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some tips for using kasundi in your cooking:

  1. Use it as a marinade: Kasundi is a great marinade for grilled meats, fish, and vegetables.

  2. Use it as a dipping sauce: Kasundi is a great dip for snacks like samosas, pakoras, and onion rings.

  3. Use it as a spread: Kasundi can be used as a spread on sandwiches, burgers, and wraps.

  4. Use it as a topping: Kasundi can be used as a topping on pizza, salads, and even scrambled eggs.

Buying Kasundi Online

If you're looking to buy kasundi online, there are a few things to keep in mind. Look for kasundi that is made with high-quality ingredients and is free from preservatives or artificial additives. It's also important to read the product descriptions and customer reviews carefully to ensure that you're getting a product that meets your needs.

In conclusion, kasundi is a delicious and versatile condiment that can add an extra layer of flavor to any dish. With its bold, tangy flavor and nutritional benefits, kasundi is a great addition to any kitchen. Whether you're looking to marinade, dip, spread, or top, there is a kasundi out there to suit your needs. So why not try some kasundi today and experience the rich flavors and versatility of this amazing condiment.

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Kolkata Local, specialized if providing fresh pick of Bengali essentials from Kolkata market home delivered across India. All the products are hand picked and packed specially to give you an experience. It is primarily catering to the Bengali Community living across pan India. It is a “hit in house” brand in quality staple food and pulses segment. 

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bongfoOodie is a one stop destination for food, travel & lifestyle. As an multi vendor platform, we want to connect to rural & urban India under a single platform. We will try to give every potential vendor who lack e-commerce infrastructure a chance to sell their products online and get benefits through state of art transnational system.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
M.B. (Delhi, India)

Loved it!

Anikendra Som
Mustard Sauce with a Bengali Twist

This mustard sauce comes with a delightful Bengali twist. The combination of flavors in this sauce is unique and intriguing. The mustard provides a bold and sharp taste, while the subtle blend of spices adds complexity and depth. I've enjoyed using it as a condiment for my Bengali-style rolls and wraps, as well as a dip for pakoras and cutlets. The sauce has a medium consistency, allowing it to spread easily without being too runny. My only minor complaint is that I wish the bottle were larger, as I find myself running out of it too quickly. Nevertheless, if you're craving a mustard sauce with a Bengali touch, Baidyanath Kasundi won't disappoint.

Ramesh Uppu
Authentic Taste of Bengal in a Bottle

Baidyanath Kasundi takes me back to the flavors of my Bengali roots. This mustard sauce captures the essence of Bengali cuisine perfectly. The rich and aromatic mustard flavor combined with the right amount of spices creates a taste that is unmistakably Bengali. I love using it in traditional dishes like shorshe ilish (hilsa fish in mustard sauce) and alu posto (potato in poppy seed paste), as well as experimenting with fusion recipes. The sauce has a smooth and creamy consistency, making it easy to incorporate into various dishes. If you want to experience the authentic taste of Bengal, Baidyanath Kasundi is the way to go.

Priyanka Prabhakar (New Delhi, India)

Amazing product!

Priyanka Prabhakar (New Delhi, India)

Amazing product!