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  • Jhola Nolen Gur (500 ml) - India4Local - bongfooodie
  • Jhola Nolen Gur (500 ml) - India4Local - bongfooodie
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Supriyo's Sweet Ecstasy

Jhola Nolen Gur (Liquid Palm Jaggery)

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Jhola Nolen Gur (Liquid Molasses) is available in food graded plastic new bottles. This 500 grams of Jhola Nolen Gur (Liquid Molasses) will have two bottles of 250 grams each. The quality, taste and aroma are directly linked to the (winter) climate in West Bengal. We do source Jhola Nolen Gur (Liquid Molasses) directly from the manufacturer ensuring the best possible quality & taste. Pictures used are for representation purpose only. This product is not returnable/refundable and could not be replaced.

This product prepared by special order only. Order will be ready to ship within 2 business days after order.

Available Weight - 500 ml, 1000 ml, 2000 ml

***All sweet products need to be consumed within 5 business days and refrigerated immediately after opening the package.

500 ml. bottle of Jhola Nolen Gur (Date Palm Sap) specially delivered from Bengal only available during winter. 

The sweet date palm sap that is cooked into light syrup and which is only obtainable in Bengal in winter. Jhola Nolen Gur (Liquid Molasses) is a Bengali winter delicacy and is well known to all Bengali people for its aroma. This Jhola Nolen Gur (Liquid Molasses) is used in various Bengali sweets items starting from Rosogolla, Sandesh, Payesh and in various other sweetmeats & confectionery items which are made in winter season only.

Jhola gur comes from Phoenix sylvestris, the silver date or wild date palm. It is closely related to the Arabian date palm, P.dactylifera, which gives us the dried fruits we are familiar with. P.sylvestris also produces sweet edible fruit, but their quality is not as good, but the writer Chitrita Banerji tells me that when Bengali Muslims could not afford expensive imported dates, they have eaten these, for example during Ramzaan, when the fast should be broken with date. She also recalls a chutney made these dates, dried plums and raisins, but the main value of the tree is clearly for its sap.

It can be had on its own or added to other dishes to enhance the sweetness and to add its own unique sweet flavour. The varieties of sweets made from Jhola Nolen Gur are endless ranging from Nolen Gur Cham Cham, Nolen Gur Rosogolla, Monohora, Nolen Gur Sandesh, Nolen Gur Ice Cream, Nolen Gur Souffle to Joynagarer Moya (Buy Now). We are happy to introduce the Nolen Gur Barfi Sandesh (Buy Now) from the rustic villages of Bengal. The sweets are directly procured and distributed from the vendors to ensure the freshness and authenticity. No preservatives added hence the longevity of the products are limited. We advise our customers to consume the products within 5 business days and refrigerate immediately after opening the package.

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Supriyo's Sweet Ecstasy promises to bring you the best of Bengal Sweets to your doorstep. Procured from authentic vendors across Bengal, they strive to give you quality without compromising on the taste. With over 40 variety of sweets being under their portfolio, this sweet startup plans to make your sweet something memory special.

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